Private Primary Bilingual School from  2  to 11 yrs

The School touches the beautiful Parc Exflora at Juan les Pins


Bilingual School between 8 and 10 children per class:

It is recognised that children learn best in a supportive environment. Little Philo International school, is a parent / teacher, bilingual / school with a very small quota of pupils. Classes are in French and English, we follow the French national curriculum but we push for further knowledge. It is important for a child to know why he is learning and to keep his naturel "curiosity".


The word "Philosophy" means "The love of knowledge". This is our goal, that your child will love knowledge. To do this we use the following methods.

We also follow, Cambridge English, Maths and Science primary lessons. Our classes include children of different ages and they assist the lesson of each subject that is best suited to them.

Children also practice art, music, yoga, swimming and frequent field trips are organized for cultural purposes. We welcome stimulating each student's personal creativity.


Maria Montessori Teaching Method : 2 - 5 yrs

We use this method to make the younger children autonomous. To facilitate and motivate their learning skills also helping develop their personality. The teacher encourages self-correction and uses the 5 senses and games that children love as learning instruments.

We also teach children sign language. This practice allows children who do not yet master the word to communicate. It removes frustration, and children can express themselves happily and are fulfilled.

Philosophical Teaching Method : 5 - 15 yrs

Taken from a British teaching method, our school follows te pedagogy, "Philosophy for Children". Respect, honesty, independence and the pleasure of work well done is in order. Making tomorrows leaders. This learning method opens children’s mind taking them a step further. It encourages free thought and reflection. We pride ourselves in stimulating the creativity of each pupil. Philosophy becomes a very powerful way to promote understanding with an impact on the cognitive, social and emotional development of children.

We offer, in collège, for those who wish, a third language: Spanish or Chinese.


Individualised courses and Involved Parents :

The parents of our budding little philosophes play an "active" role in our ideology of school education. Be the child in difficulty, motivated or even if he has a high potential, the lessons are individualized and tailored to each pupil’s needs. The environment built, children's thoughts are open to acquiring skills. The progression is constant, and the pupils gain confidence steadily.


English Club, Becoming Bilingual : Children can be bilingual naturally. The club is open to all students wishing to benefit from total immersion in English! Regardless of their level. We are open every Wednesday and during school holidays for intensive courses! We never speak French. Space is limited to 10 children per class. Sign up now! Children that do not belong to the school are also welcome.


After School Club:

Children can attend educational extracurricular courses. Various possibilities: chess, mythology and journalism, science, programation and philosophie.​


Cordially, the  Directior