Home Schoolers

Follow only the lessons that interest you.


Alternative Education, classes of 8 to 12 children for 10 € per hour.

You teach your children the rest at home! 


Alternative education, small groups for 10€ an hour.


Little Philo School compliments your teaching. Our expert teachers and small classes of maximum 10 pupils create strong bonds and a real socialisation.


Little Philo School understands your choice.

Ms. Stevens the founder of this school also made that choice for her own children. She created this school environment with the idea of ​​grouping Home Schoolers for some courses. This solution does not exist and she understood that this possibility was missing.


The law prohibits families to meet up to give their children joint lessons, they are obliged to open a “school” with all the rules that go with it.


Parents have the best interests of their children at heart and children trust their parents. But some children’s home education can be incomplete. Teaching is not just taking care of your children. It takes a lot of patience and some skill to be a teacher and can be stressful. You have your children with you 24/24.  It can be difficult to get the balance right.


But should we actually change what is natural? We suggest that the parent comes to school as well as their child. Little Philo School is a school run by the teacher and with the help of the parents.


Some parents do not necessarily have the knowledge to teach all subjects and may be out of their depth. Others may need a little time to themselves.


Putting your children in Little Philo School allows them to meet with their friends from different backgrounds and origins for group tuition. To help and be helped in turn. No limit is fixed. The child enrols at the school for lessons as "School Support».


Choose the subject that interests you and your child and come to only that lesson for the year. This is easily done by making an appointment with the Director of the school in your area.


For example: Pupils come to Little Philo School for Mathematics and Chinese. All other courses are done at home with the parents. For this you must be declared "home schooling" with the academy.

The beauty of home schooling or schooling at Little Philo School is that parents and teachers can teach at the child's pace, taking time to answer questions. Teaching goes further than just learning a subject.


Children live with the daily flow of conversation. When the child asks a question, the instruction follows. That's why Little Philo School added the famous "Why?" philosophical in its curriculum. The Children’s capacity develops they think further and discuss with ease.


Learn about the origin of the universe and astronomy. Study more history than in public schools. Learn Chinese or Russian. But all parents have different ideas of what they want their children to learn. This is freedom, exciting freedom. Why limit what children learn and why should they all learn exactly the same piece of history?


Little Philo School answers to the interest of the child. We offer a huge diversity in education.


Leaving your children at Little Philo School for a lesson will decrease the stress of the lessons that your child does not want to learn with you, gets them out and allows them to have regular friends in a small caring structure.