Dear Parents

Little Philo School strives for excellence, our goal is to pull up the level of the children. Our reputation depends on it.


A happy atmosphere in class is paramount for children to feel in total confidence which creates a class cohesive. Children are happy to come to Little Philo School and we encourage the presence of the parents when possible. Only 1 by lesson.


Parental volunteering: At Little Philo School, we encourage parents to participate in their child’s education. Parents also help run the "Clubs". Choose activities from the list below or bring your special knowledge! Parents voluntarily participate in these after-school club activities.


In class : you have the opportunity to participate and assist the teacher in class. This help can be in the form of support for a pupil, listening to out loud reading, text analysing, vocabulary, grammar, math and many other possibilities.

After-school activities : are held from 4pm to 6pm every school day (except classes where no children wish to follow the activity).


Choose from the following ideas:

- Theater: poetry, literature, reading, text comprehension.

- Chess.

- Sport: your choice. (Gymnastics, Swimming pool, football ...).

- Art: drawing, painting and sculpture.

- Foreign languages ​​other than English. (Spanish, Italian, Chinese ...).

- Practical work: sewing, crafts, modeling.

- Music: music theory and musical instruments.

- Science: technical experience and learning.

- Mythology: Greek or Roman.

- The origin of the Universe and Astronomy

- Or bring your idea.


Field trips are organized regularly (1 per month on average according to possibilities) and they will be need to be escorted by 3 parents and their cars.



Parents teaching:


Little Philo School is an international institution with very small numbers of children in each class. They are directed by specialist teachers and the parents. Our small classes allow education adaptable to all. Parents work in partnership with the director and teachers of the school. This interaction creates a strong community benefiting children and families.

Parents are involved in many ways and offer an enriched environment for children.


Parents help: in the classroom, watching the play time and can help during lunch, transporting children during outings, helping children with games, accompanying them on camping trips, and sharing their talents in areas going from music through to design, from mapping to astronomy. For this to work, we offer a flexibility.


The main subjects, Mathematics, French, Science and Languages, are maintained by highly qualified teachers in their field. In addition to these main topics, skilled parents who wish, can give lessons to the class on a voluntary basis.


Planned courses: absences must be notified before the start of the lesson and times covered by a substitute. We are responsible parents and we work for our children. We all have different skills, so don't be shy. Your skills can be included in the curriculum.

Close contact with the school guarantees parents that they are always aware of the daily academic activities, social skills and the relationships of their children with others. School children benefit from the diversity and creativity of talents among family members. Pupils grow up surrounded by an alliance of caring adults concerned by their growth and well-being. Parents are in turn enriched by their participation. Parents build deep and lasting connections between each other. Participating in the collective effort to support the school and children.


Parents of the same class can organise plannings together with the teacher, respecting the compulsory subjects. Each school day must be covered (see below school hours) extracurricular activities are offered to children after school. All compulsory subjects French, Mathematics, English and Chinese are to be executed by teachers, unless a parent is qualified to take one of these subjects and wishes to do so.


Lunch: Can be organised in different ways. (A parent can attend each lunch break). The food can be heated by microwave. Fresh salads are preferable. Lunches at the Restaurent Le Bon Coin cost € 4 each for parents who do not have time to prepare meals. If children are allergic, this information should be indicated when completing the registration form. These children’s lunches must be prepared by the parents, daily. Allergies such as nuts being very dangerous).


a) Each child brings his picnic to school every day

b) Parents make meals for all the children in the class in turn. 8 children would mean parents bring lunch for all the children once in 2 week.

c) A caterer can be called for if all the parents decide together.


Outings should be organised at least once a month by the teacher and parents. Outings in Geography and History are ideal for assimilating what they have learned in class.


50% of subjects are taken in English when possible, the children must be able to follow the lesson.

In the case that parents cannot take on an after school club but the children need to be looked after, the teachers will cover the after-school club.


Example of a school day: the subjects can be modified but all must be included. Volunteers and replacements will also be available to cover a few hours as required.


- Outings: Farms, fruit picking, new baby animals in the spring,

Discover ponies; learn to care of animals.

- Tracking in the forest, exploring nature trails, plant and animal species, camping...

- Visits to Medieval villages, understand history and how we have developed.

- Geography and geology; explorations, trails to the river, climbing, canoeing, excavation of Roman ruins, caves,

- Museums and parcs; Picaso art, Matis, Phinix park, l'Ocianographique museum Monaco, Turtle Farm, Museum of Prehistory and many more.

- Computers: Are used in different subjects under the watchful eye of the teacher.

- Through philosophy, we encourage children to ask questions to show them how to find the answers for themselves. They also produce a project of their choice, text, photos etc...once a month. 

The computer will also be used for the School “Journal”, writing stories and poems summaries of outings. Children learn how to use word, paint, excel add pictures, etc ... The computers are never used for games.

We advise parents not to allow children more than an hour a day maximum on the computer or iPad at home.


Lunch 12h - 13h: A parent can be present every afternoon to help children during lunch and to the park.




Monday:           8am – 9 am English for those who need extra English lessons

                         9am – 12am French and Maths

                       12am – 1pm Lunch in English. 1 parent can be present to help.

                         1pm – 4pm Art and Art History, English, Civic Education group Philosophy.

                         4pm – 6pm Parents Workshop


Tuesday:          8am – 9 am English for those who need extra English lessons    

                         9am – 12am French and Maths

                       12am – 1pm Lunch in English. 1 parent can be present to help.

                         1pm – 4pm History, Geographie, Geologie, Archeologie, English.

                         4pm – 6pm Parents Workshop


Wednesday English Club: 9am – 12am and 2pm to 5pm. It is essential that children who do not have the level of English that will enable them to attend classes in English, must join the club. (20 euros for 3 hours).


Thursday:        8am – 9 am English for those who need extra English lessons    

                        9am – 12am French and Maths

                      12am – 1pm Lunch in English. 1 parent can be present to help.

                        1pm – 4pm Science, Astrologie, English

                        4pm – 6pm Parents Workshop  


Friday:             8am –  9 am English for those who need extra English lessons    

                         9am – 12am French and  Maths

                       12am – 1pm English for those who need extra English

                         1pm – 4pm Chinois, Anglais, Mythologie,

                         4pm – 6pm Parents Workshop


Morning: 3 hours of Maths and French, including Civic Education, the school newspaper, Scrabble, crosswords, poetry, dictation, reading comprehension and writing text. The multiplication table, sudoku, graphics cards and other derivatives thereof.


Afternoon: The courses are organized so that children learn other important subjects.


Workshops: from 4pm to 6pm are part of the program and should be covered by parents or teachers.